Hi, it's Nin, the author of Art och Lingua.

I like writing, I have ideas, and I love to share. This is why I started my first blog 5 years ago. After a long time tough thought of finding a name for my first blog, I realized, two things I'm passionate about are art and language. Lingua in Italian means 'language'. Och means 'and' in Swedish. Why och, because it sounds cute and fancy like Swedes. So, they merge things I like in art, language, and cuteness.

A few years back, I just talked about how to keep up learning a new language while we're stuck and bored. But when I migrated to Belgium for being an au pair, I started to write more and liked the fact that Indonesians are so curious and interested in how staying abroad is. They have to know, it's far from luxury and most of the time fastened in loneliness. Believe me, staying abroad is stressful yet lovely at the same time. Yes. 

Let's keep in touch here!