12 Januari 2017

Eat Clean: Smoked Salmon Salad

I do LOVE smoked salmon. No best find in the groceries besides taking two packs of smoked salmon in the shelves to my shopping basket. I can eat them with a sandwich, alone, or rolled into my sushi.

It's such a guilty pleasure to always end up eating more than 100-gram smoked salmon almost every day. Okay, blame me for this. But, I'm a salty food aficionado and smoked salmon are just too good.

Whether silky-smooth and cold-smoked, served over a cheese-smeared bagel, or as the hot-smoked, richly flaky, rosy-pink centerpiece of a charcuterie platter, smoked salmon is a culinary indulgence that can easily be purchased in regular grocery stores as well as specialty food shops. While salmon is a nutritious and healthy protein choice, smoked salmon increases the sodium content of the fish.

There is also concern that eating smoked foods can increase cancer risk. There is some evidence, albeit weak, that high intakes of smoked foods—in particular meat and fish increase the risk of stomach cancer. The best way to balance my sodium intake is by including plenty of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet. A high intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with protection from stomach cancer.

My Danish family treasure salad! They eat salad almost every day with their "dry" meal. Salad is like oase for their mouth after eating too much meat. No need for salad if they eat rice with curry. But whenever I see my host dad prepares salad for dinner, it's so intriguing. He really takes care of what should he puts in his bowl. There is always green from the leaves (of course!) and red inside.

"Food is a visual thing. Salad is like a refreshment on the table. Once you see something fresh, something red, something fancy, your eyes will notice and your mouth gets watered. You need it!" he said.

To be honest, I disliked the salad. In Indonesia, it's not common for us to eat raw vegetables. Everything needs to be steamed or at least semi-cooked. Eating raw leaves means that you are the same as cows and goats. So, not our thing.

But because I love my body, I love salmon, and I try to adore eating clean, I'm trying to fancy my bowl for lunch. I think my host dad is right, we need colors on our plates. I have to eat raw food and fresh vegetables more! So, I've made this recipe for myself.

Smoked Salmon Salad
A beautifully bright combination of everything in our fridge!

Crispy lettuce
50 g smoked salmon
1/2 can of sweet corn
1 tomato
1/4 cucumber
1 slice of rye bread
1 avocado
A pinch of cayenne pepper (I'm a big fan of spicy food)

I like playing with colors and put almost everything in our fridge into my big bowl. I was not really sure about the taste, but surprisingly loved it! Even though it's simple, but all the different ingredients and the spicy dressing made this a snazzy side dish or lovely lunch main dish. Since I prepared it in a big bowl, so it was pretty sure filling.

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